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Qcast & Quality Assurance

The Langley Concrete Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality concrete products available.

With a full time, multi person Quality Assurance Team, we provide the customer, engineer or municipality accurate, timely Quality Control Reports for all of the products we manufacture. On a daily basis, LCG personnel inspect an extensive list of items to insure our products meet the requirements of the specification we are building our products to. We inspect not only the concrete and the finished products we make but also raw materials we use, such as aggregate, steel and items that we supply with our finished products; such as gaskets, rungs, etc. Consistent, ongoing joint measurement and testing, three edge bearing strength testing and physical inspection of the forms, the reinforcement and the finished products provides you the assurance that quality is cast into the products you receive from LCG. Quality assurance goes beyond the yearly testing of concrete and the claims made that a manufacturer is producing products to a specification. Most specifications require the name, date and specification a product is manufactured to meet to be painted on the finished product. It should be asked why this in not on a specific product, or rather, if you are getting products made to the specifications you require. The investment LCG has made in the past five years has established our company as a leader in the industry. Before our name is put on our product you can be sure that the quality has been built in and inspected to insure that it has been. LCG has third party certifications for the following programs:

CSA A23.4-16 Precast Concrete, Materials and Construction

CSA Class 8083-05/06 for both CSA A257 and ASTM C478 Manholes Specifications (the only precast plant in Canada that has both CSA and ASTM certification for manholes and circular catchbasins in Canada)

Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Welding Practices and Procedures for Precast Concrete Products

Q-Cast Full Plant Certification, administered by the American Concrete Pipe Association (ANSI accreditation program ISO/IEC 17065:2012), covering all product lines manufactured.

Pride is taken by our management, staff, and our plant employees to provide the highest quality product to our customers. A product that exceeds your expectation and provides assurance that you are getting what you paid for and that allows you to confidently specify our precast concrete products. Before you buy concrete products, ask if they are certified to a relevant, product related program and insist on receiving quality documentation to insure your products are to the quality they should be.  

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1xbet casino slotsLiên kết đăng nhập

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The Langley Concrete Group is a proud supporter and recipient of the American Concrete Pipe Association's third party plant certification; Q-Cast.

The Chilliwack Production facility is audited by Q-Cast on an annual basis and is given a point score based on a complete plant and process inspection. LCG consistently ranks amongst the top manufacturing plants in North America. In the past five years, we have received the following awards for highest score:
  1. Full Plant
  2. Box Culvert and Manholes
  3. Storm and Sanitary Pipe
  4. Precast structures
  5. Sanitary Manholes
  6. Safety
The Q-Cast program sets a very high standard to achieve certification which cannot be attained by doing the minimum expected. A high level of plant, equipment, concrete, inspection and quality culture is required to achieve Q-Cast certification. The program provides the ultimate assurance that as a customer you are receiving the best possible product available. Q-Cast is recognized by many state DOT's in the U.S., the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and AASHTO as a valid third party certification program and allows Q-Cast certified production facilities to supply to government projects. As a specifier, contractor or municipality you should insist that your precast concrete products come from a third party certified facility. In regards to concrete pipe, manholes, box culverts and precast structures there is no better quality certification available than Q-Cast. When it is the quality of products used under our roadways and in building the communities we live in being considered, third party certification of a manufacturer should be a requirement not an option.
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